3D Personnel Support Alternative Routes into Construction

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​There are many routes into construction. Our 3D Personnel Teams have been busy attending some great recruitment events recently. These events are aimed at helping people get into the workforce for the first time, or to get back into work after some time away.

By offering advice, assistance and practical help, our teams are opening up opportunities for those who may feel marginalised, too old or too young, are lacking in confidence, or who feel they need a new challenge in life.

In this series of articles, we cover topics of interest for those already involved in construction, or for those hoping to make a career in the construction industry. At whatever point in your career, you find yourself at, we hope you find them useful.

The Construction Industry is always looking for good workers. However, due to various factors, including Brexit, the aftermath of the Covid Pandemic, high employment levels in Ireland and a sometimes poor perception of the industry, it is now more important than ever, to reach far and wide to attract the best talent back into the industry.

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​​Traditional Routes into Construction

Apprenticeships and Technical degrees are vital and have seen a recent resurgence. Governments bodies in the UK and Ireland are highlighting the importance of these routes into construction. Apprenticeships have become the focus of greater attention, as an alternative to the regular College, or University technical degree route.

For more information on Apprenticeships please visit Apprenticeships UK or Apprenticeships Ireland.

Alternatives Routes into Construction

Alongside those traditional routes into Construction, many support events are happening all around the UK and Ireland, in a bid to attract new talent into general employment and into working within the Construction industry.

We recently detailed some examples in our articles on Workforce Training Services in Northern Ireland and HMP Highpoint and HMP Lewes Construction Employment Events

We also published a series of articles highlighting our support for the Ban the Box campaign

Ban the Box; Can I get a job with a criminal record?

Farrans and 3D Personnel commit to Ban the Box

NI Prison Service Return to Work event

HMP Highpoint and HMP Lewes Prisoners Benefit from Construction events

The Ban the Box initiatives have helped to increase the diversity of the talent pool, while reducing the unnecessary exclusion of talented individuals from the many construction roles on offer.

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Recent Events attended by 3D Personnel

Some of the recent events where the 3D Personnel team have been on hand to offer advice and assistance are listed below

  • HMP Winchester – Construction Fair – attended by Doz Berntsen

  • HMP/YOI Lincoln – Unlocking Construction – attended by Stuart Douglas

  • Southampton Job Centre – Construction sector jobs event for former offenders – attended by Connor McKiernan

  • Southampton Job Centre – 50’s + Recruitment – attended by Doz Berntsen

  • Ark King Solomon Academy – Construction Youth – attended by Michael Boyle

  • London Borough of Hounslow – Job Fair with Ballymore – attended by Will Sylvester

  • HMP Lewes - Construction Employment Event - attended by Oran Blaney

  • HMP Highpoint - Construction Employment Event - attended by Stuart Douglas

A common theme running through these events is the general enthusiasm displayed by participants.

Our teams are delighted to be able to guide participants through the processes. They have already been rewarded, with a number of those in attendance now in direct employment with 3D Personnel, or well on their way to employment.

3D's Doz Berntsen attends Southampton 50's + event
Image: 3D's Doz Berntsen attends Southampton 50's + event

​Recent successes include:

  • One long term unemployed candidate in full time work

  • Two NEETS (Not in Education, Employment or Training) candidates in full time work

  • Two recently released ex-offenders in full time work

  • One experienced construction worker out of work for a while, back in full time work

3D's Will Sylvester attends Borough of Hounslow event
Image: 3D's Will Sylvester attends Borough of Hounslow event

3D Personnel are committed to these important events

Being long term supporters of the Ban the Box campaign and of the many other back to work in construction events, 3D Personnel are delighted to continue our commitment to this path.

As demonstrated in recent weeks, bringing new talent into the construction workforce is a reward in itself. However, it is the impact that these events can have in adding value to people’s lives that gives each team member a great boost.

Speaking after the recent construction sector jobs event for former offenders, held at Southampton Job Centre, 3D’s Steve Woodward had this to say:

The construction industry is a sector that really does offer opportunity at every level, and this means that no matter what your situation, 3D Personnel have some great clients who allow us to reach out to NEETS, long term unemployed and former offender candidates, who require extra time and care in their job search.

3D Personnel understands this, and our consultants are supported to go above and beyond to ensure that the correct ongoing communication and care is offered to any candidates we place.

3D's Connor McKiernan at Southampton event
Image: 3D's Connor McKiernan at Southampton event

Alternative routes into Construction – Next steps

If you are interested in a role in construction, or if you are considering getting back into construction, keep an eye out for future construction recruitment events near you. Follow our social media channels for updates.

If you are organising an event, please feel free to get in touch.

​For further information on what qualifications you will need to work in construction jobs in the UK or Ireland have a read of our 3D Guide

To talk to one of the 3D Personnel team about roles in construction feel free to contact us