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When Construction and Built Environment Companies are faced with talent shortages strengthening their workforce becomes crucial. This is where you can make an impact.

The construction markets in Ireland, the UK and Europe currently offer great opportunities for experienced professionals looking to take on work as contractors.

Benefits for you

Financially rewarding, whether on an ongoing basis, or as a one-off to fit with your schedule, take advantage of the higher rates that businesses can offer. Get paid for every hour or day you work. If you have expertise and are available for temporary roles you can demand higher rates of pay. If you establish a limited company, you can become more tax efficient which can result in a higher net income.

Greater flexibility allowing for a better work life balance. Want to take a month off? Have to renovate your own property? Looking to do some private work? You can do this between assignments as contracting provides the advantage of greater adaptability. As a contractor, you essentially become your own boss, giving you full control over your work life.

Experience a wide range of new challenges. Network with decision makers, grow the list of sub-contractors you engage with, develop your list of contacts within the construction industry, allowing you to grow. Keep these as leads for new business.

Opportunities for travel without the need to fully uproot from your home base.

3D Personnel’s role

Help potential contractors to find suitable opportunities and further develop their careers

Connect businesses with skilled contractors

Ensure that projects are staffed with the right talent

Guide individuals in navigating the contracting landscape

​With changes in work practices, the fast pace of the industry and the nature of some projects, the requirements for contract workers in a variety of roles has never been so strong.

We have a dedicated team within our experienced organisation focused on finding the best contract roles in the market and matching them with the best talent. Are you right for one of these roles?

Why not reach out to our team to see what opportunities exist for your skill set and situation.

Get in touch by filling out the form below, giving us some background information, along with an idea of what roles and which regions you are interested in working in.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The 3D Contracting Team

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