Workforce Training Services offer another route into Construction

3D Workforce site visit Sean Paul and Gerard

3D Personnel work closely with WorkForce Training Services in Northern Ireland, who offer another route into the Construction industry. Providing invaluable training and employment opportunities to the young and not so young, their construction related programmes offer employers a greatly expanded potential workforce.

In this series of articles, we cover topics of interest for those already involved in construction, or for those hoping to make a career in the construction industry. At whatever point in your career, you find yourself at, we hope you find them useful.


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WorkForce Training Services – an overview

WorkForce Training Services in Northern Ireland, is a government aided employment support program that offers a range of services to help people find and sustain employment, including job search assistance, skills training, career guidance, and access to job vacancies. They also provide support to employers in recruiting and retaining staff, as well as offering advice on employment legislation and best practice.

WorkForce Training Services do not offer qualifications directly, but they can provide support and guidance to help individuals access training and education programs that can lead to qualifications. They can also help individuals identify and develop the skills and experience needed to succeed in their chosen career path. Additionally, they can offer advice and support on how to gain recognition for existing skills and experience through accreditation and prior learning assessment.

Two important projects on offer are part funded through the Northern Ireland European Social Fund Programme and Northern Ireland’s Department for the Economy.

  1. Get Connected programme – For young people aged 16 – 24 who are deemed NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training)

  2. Path 2 Employment programme – For adults currently not in employment

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Benefits of Get Connected for participants:

  • Experience vocational training and decide which pathway is right for them

  • Improved health and well-being through one to one mentoring

  • Progression into paid employment, further education or training

  • Support with CV building, Job Searching and interview techniques

  • Recognised qualifications

  • Advice and Guidance to assist in gaining employment

What WorkForce will do for participants:

  • Provide a comprehensive induction for participants

  • Agree a Career Pathway Plan for all participants

  • Support and mentor participants into employment, further education or training

  • Provide Personal Development and Employability Training

  • Create and develop a CV for all participants

  • Undertake job application training and help to develop interview techniques

  • Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Benefits of Path 2 Employment for participants:

  • Work experience with dynamic and innovative employers

  • On the job coaching and mentoring

  • Progression into paid employment

  • Progression on to Further Education

  • Support with CV building, Job Searching and interview techniques

  • Recognised qualifications

  • Advice and Guidance to assist gaining employment

What WorkForce will do for participants:

  • Put participants in contact with employers who have a Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Provide a comprehensive induction for participants

  • Agree a Career Pathway Plan for all participants

  • Support and mentor participants into employment

  • Provide Personal Development and Employability Training

  • Create and develop a CV for all participants

  • Undertake job application training and develop interview techniques

  • Provide Travel Costs and Personal Protective Equipment

Qualifications on offer through Path 2 Employment:

  1. Level 1 Personal Development

  2. Level 1 Employability

  3. CSR Card

  4. First Aid

  5. Food Hygiene

  6. Level 1 Childcare

  7. Level 1 Business Support Services

WorkForce Training Services offer a direct route into Construction

WorkForce in Northern Ireland work alongside the construction industry to provide employment support services, training, and apprenticeships to individuals looking to enter or progress in the construction sector. They can assist with job search and matching, skills development, and connecting job seekers with employers in the industry.

WorkForce also provide guidance and support to construction employers to help them recruit, train, and retain a skilled workforce. ​

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The CSR Card (Construction Skills Register)

One of the main avenues to enable individuals find a route into construction is by helping them to obtain a CSR (Construction Skills Register) Card. This CSR Card is a requirement for many construction-related jobs in Northern Ireland. WorkForce can provide information on the types of CSR Cards available, the application process, and the training and qualifications required to obtain a card. WorkForce Training Services can also assist with accessing the necessary training and assessments needed to meet the CSR Card requirements, and they can provide guidance on how to maintain and renew a card.

For more information on the CSR Card and other construction qualifications required for jobs in Ireland and the UK, see our 3D Guide.

Working with local employers and recruiters

WorkForce Training Services in Northern Ireland works with a range of companies and organizations to provide training and employment opportunities to job seekers. They work with local employers in various industries such as healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, and retail, to identify job vacancies and match suitable candidates to those roles. Some of the employers they work with regularly include the National Health Service (NHS), the Northern Ireland Civil Service, Bombardier Aerospace, and Tesco. They also work with training providers and colleges to offer a range of training courses and qualifications to job seekers.

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3D Personnel and WorkForce Training Services

3D Personnel are proud to work closely with WorkForce over the last five years. We have offered numerous participants in both programmes advice, support and ultimately a route into employment within the construction industry in Northern Ireland and further afield.

3D Personnel’s Gerard Cannon is our main liaison with WorkForce Training Services. He co-ordinates with WorkForce, to ensure that all aspect of the programme are properly implemented when it comes to our candidates going out on site and into the construction workforce.

Gerard often goes out of his way to ensure that any candidates he works with are well looked after.

Following on from a site visit inspection, Don Earley from WorkForce Training Services had this message for Gerard;

I just wanted to say thank you to yourself and the team at 3D for supporting us on our recent inspection. The inspection lasted 3 days including the site visit with yourself and Sean Paul.

The ETi (Education & Training Inspectorate) inspected a range of different areas including the level of teaching and learning provided by our programme, our links within the community and also with local employers and other relevant stakeholders.

We got our feedback this afternoon and were given “High Capacity” across the board (highest level available).

None of this would be possible without you and the team at 3D Personnel and the continued support and strong working relationship.

Thanks again Gerard and I will be in touch soon regarding our next CSR course.

3D Sean Paul and Gerard on site
Image: Sean Paul and Gerard at MSM Contracts site in Belfast

A Case Study for success – Sean Paul

A great example of the potential offered by these programmes is the aforementioned Sean Paul.

Sean Paul Jacobson has been working with 3D Personnel since May 2022, after he completed his CSR training course with WorkForce Training Services. Sean would have had some previous construction experience but hadn’t worked in construction in a while. He can build block and brick himself, and he is currently working as a labourer on site in Belfast.

Commenting on the general experience of working alongside WorkForce, Gerard had this to say;

3D has worked closely with WorkForce over the past five years, and they have provided us with several very good operatives, looking to get back into construction. Once they complete their CSR training, we try to get them placed on a site and once there, continue to check on their progress.

Considering the general shortage of good quality construction operatives, this is a great programme for bringing new people into the industry.

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​Another route into the construction industry

We are delighted to be able to highlight this important programme. If you are looking for a route into construction in Northern Ireland, feel free to contact WorkForce Training Services directly, on 028 9024 7016, or info@workforceonline.org.

If you would like to chat to any of our 3D team for information on current construction roles, or for general advice contact us for a chat.

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