UK requires 350,000 new construction roles in next 8 years to achieve 2050 carbon targets.

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Further studies have backed-up our previous posts, wherein we drew attention to the urgency that is required in the next eight years so as to achieve the UK 2050 carbon targets:


A report by the Construction Industry Training Board has found that the UK requires 350,000 new construction roles in the next 8 years so to achieve the 2050 targets.  The report again points out that the majority of the buildings that will be in use in 2050 have already been built or will be built in the next eight years.  Applying modern technologies and practises to new builds will have an impact.  However, existing buildings that do not conform with the standards will have to be retrofitted; up to 27 million domestic and 2 million non-domestic buildings; according to the report. 

The focus should be on upskilling the current workforce, making the construction industry more attractive to school leavers and graduates; and creating new roles.  The report projects a need for 86,000 construction project managers, 33,000 building envelope specialists and 59,000 plumbers and HVAC specialists by 2028.

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