£126m for UK Traineeships

3 D Personnel

The UK chancellor, Rishi Sunak, has announced that £126m will be invested in UK Traineeships which seeks to address the shortage of a qualified labour supply, and at the same time tackle the 2050 carbon emissions challenge.  The objective is to steer younger people with new ideas, a fresh outlook and the relevant training towards the solutions to achieving zero emissions targets.  The measures include:

The establishment of a UK Infrastructure Bank with an objective of accelerating net-zero targets.

The extension of the furlough scheme.

A 100% increase in business apprenticeship schemes.

Online technology advice via the Help to Grow Digital scheme.

A £1bn investment in new towns deals.

Another Help to Grow scheme which will aim to give better management training to SMEs

Further investment in port infrastructure to build offshore wind farms.

An MMC Taskforce, backed by £10m of seed funding.

The investment of £126m will see 40,000 new traineeships enter the work force.  Combined with the other elements of the plan, it is hoped that it will help lift the UK out of imminent coronavirus related downturn , and also direct the country towards more sustainable, carbon efficient buildings.

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