No more noisy cherry pickers blowing fumes in your face!!!

3 D Personnel

It has been announced that Mace Group and AFC Energy are working on a project to replace diesel generators on construction sites with zero emission hydrogen generators.  The initiative is being driven principally by the construction industry’s objective to de-carbonise.  However, in this particular case, onsite workers will benefit directly on three levels: 1) Noisy diesel engines will be replaced with quieter hydrogen generators; 2) The fumes thrown out by diesel engines will no longer exist; 3) They will be part of an industry which is taking great steps towards reducing global warming.

It is hoped that the first models will be tested onsite in the first half of 2022.  If successful, the learnings will be shared with the UK government who will seek to implement similar methodologies across the sector.

We are greatly pleased by the continued efforts of all involved to make the construction industry a safer, cleaner and a more attractive workplace.

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