New UK digital ecosystem to make it easier for construction companies to comply with regulatory requirements

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The Construction Innovation Hub in conjunction with Cardiff University’s Digital Compliance (D-COM) Network is building a new UK digital ecosystem with a view to make it easier for construction companies to comply with regulatory requirements.  The idea is to have a “one-stop-shop” for all regulatory requirements, which will simplify the process for the user, ensure greater compliance and reduce costs, all of which will create greater peace of mind for builders.  The platform will also reduce headaches for the relevant bodies responsible for reviewing the information, as it will be easier to audit the information.

The project is a follow-on from 2018’s Digital Compliance (D-COM) Network initiative, thus previous work will be capitalised upon.  It is also directly in line with the CLC ‘Roadmap to Recovery’ as it will lead to better quality, more efficient buildings.  The needs identified by the MHCLG Expert Group on Structure of Guidance to the Building Regulations will also be satisfied as it will lead to a more “holistic and systems-based approach and allow for greater cross-referencing between technical requirements and the wider legislative requirements.”

The specific objectives are:

“1) Digitalising selected Approved Documents, including:

Part B (Fire Safety);

Part L (Conservation of fuel and power);

Part M (Access to and use of buildings).

2) Developing a digital ecosystem (including an open platform API) to facilitate automating parts of the Building Regulations compliance checking process; and,

3) Demonstrating a proof-of-concept of the digital ecosystem to support the Construction Innovation Hub’s Platform Construction System, developed to help change the way buildings and infrastructure are designed, manufactured, integrated and connected within our built environment.”

It is expected that builders can use the platform in August 2022.

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