Irish Construction industry companies to invest €800,000 each in sustainability in the next five years.

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A report by Autodesk has found that Irish Construction industry companies, (architecture, engineering and construction), will invest €800,000 each in sustainability in the next five years.  Ireland and the UK are behind the Nordic countries in terms of sustainability.  However, it is expected that the trend will be reversed over the next five years.

The main drivers of the shift include: customer retention, (91%), customer expectations (83%), competitive advantage (64%), supply chain and partner expectations (54%), attracting talent and employee satisfaction (39%), and investor relations (44%) and improve project quality, (53%).

Reducing waste, energy consumption and carbon emissions as well as circular design are amongst the main goals.  77% of those interviewed are investing in technology and software so as to achieve their objectives.

The times they are a changin…

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