Green light for €250m M28 motorway from Cork to Ringaskiddy

3 D Personnel

The green light has been given for a €250m, 14km, motorway from Cork to Ringaskiddy.  The project had been held up because of a legal objection by local residents which went as far as the High Court, but could not proceed to the Supreme Court, nor the European Courts.

The project is of huge importance to the area, not just because it will create access to a major IDA landbank in the area and will reduce travel time for local residents, thus increasing economic value and stimulating industrial development.  One of the most important factors is that it will facilitate the displacement of the Port of Cork to Ringaskiddy, which will have a domino effect in Ringaskiddy and also in Cork City as it will mean that the docklands can be developed.

While we do understand the objections raised by the local residents, known as the M28 Steering Group, and sympathise with them, we are excited about the upcoming developments.  The €30m investment in land acquisitions and preparatory works can now begin, which should take approximately 3 years.  All going well, the M28 will be open in 2027.

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