Construction Innovation should be at the heart of the UK’s levelling-up plan.

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According to a recently published report by Mace, construction innovation should be at the heart of the UK’s levelling-up plan.  The report points out that “The UK suffers from some of the worst regional economic inequality in the developed world, with deprived areas across the country suffering from a historic lack of investment, outdated physical and digital infrastructure which in turn drive poor productivity and health outcomes.”

Mace suggests that a radical shift towards more innovative, sustainable, efficient practises and procedures are needed so as to address the regional inequality.  The most obvious benefit would be savings created my such practises, which could be ploughed back into the left-behind regions. 

Central to the proposals is the establishment of a strategically placed regional network of construction manufacturing hubs, which could be used as catalysts for economic growth.  The report suggests that the hubs could create 124,000 jobs, all of which would have a direct impact on the local economies, but also indirectly, and possibly more effectively, via sowing the seeds of a technological revamp in the UK region-wide construction industry.

We look forward to the outcomes of the discussions around the report in the coming weeks and months.

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