UK housing developers to embrace beauty

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With a view to improving the aesthetics of housing developments, the UK Ministry of Housing has proposed changes to the National Planning Policy, giving more priority to “beauty and place-making” and ensuring that all new streets are lined with trees.

Under the new plans, the Ministry of Housing would outline national model design codes, which would be adapted to individual regions by the local councils.  Developers would then be expected to follow the local guidelines.   A new government body, which would be known as the Office for Place, would administrate local standards. 

The objective is to enhance the country’s heritage, giving priority to quality developments, in harmony with locally popular design and nature.  Locals would be allowed to participate, thus giving the power to the people to ensure that local character and identity is preserved.

The consultation on the proposed changes to the National Planning Policy Framework and the new Draft National Model Design Code is open until the 27th of March 2021:


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