Irish Construction Industry produces 20,000 new homes in 2020 in spite of Covid-19 restrictions

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According to new figures released by the Central Statistics Office, the Irish Construction Industry built 20,000 new homes in 2020 in spite of the interruptions caused by Covid-19.  What promised to be a disastrous year in April, was turned around by a late push in the fourth quarter when 7,400 new homes were completed, thus finishing the year only 1.9% down compared to 2019.

The number of apartments constructed in 2020 was 4,014, up 14.5% on the previous year.  Homes built in estates dropped from 12,500 in 2019 to 11,725 in 2020.  Scheme dwellings represented 56.3% of total builds, apartments were 23.3% and 20.4% were single dwellings.

We look forward to getting back to work to so as to help meet the estimated national annual demand of 28,000 new homes.

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