700 Construction Jobs for Scotland’s Renfrewshire?

3 D Personnel

700 construction jobs are to be created in Scotland’s Renfrewshire by means of a project which seeks to transform the Clyde waterfront.  With planning consent having been granted, the objective of the investment is to forge a further 1,400 permanent jobs as access to development sites is opened up via the project. 

The features include a new two-lane bridge across the River Clyde which will provide a direct link between Renfrew and Clydebank.  A new road will connect the bridge to the Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District Scotland (AMIDS), while cyclist will be able to commute freely between Renfrew and Yoker train station.  Walkways will also be considered. 

The next step is for the Renfrewshire Council’s leadership board to consider a report on the economic contribution to the area.  Once it has been signed off, the tendering process for construction will begin.

It is hoped that the three year project will begin before the end of April.

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