Official guide to social distancing on construction sites

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Build UK has produced what is set to become the construction industry’s current most important code of practice – Site Operating Procedures during the coronavirus.

Construction industry leaders are adamant that business must go on – both on site and off site – but they recognise the need to temper this by doing their best to adhere to the government’s latest lock-down.

“These are exceptional circumstances and the industry must comply with the latest government advice on coronavirus at all times,” the Build UK document says.

Among the key points are:

Site workers should two metres apart from each other at all times, as per government instructions, including in the canteen. In fact better to shut the canteen and get people to bring their own prepared lunches in.

Start times on site should be staggered to avoid congestion at the gates.

All site workers are urged to drive or cycle to work and avoid public transport, if possible.

Fingerprint scanners and other security systems that require touching should be disabled.

Reduce the number of people in attendance at site inductions and consider holding them outdoors wherever possible.

The article was orignally seen at: https://www.theconstructionindex.co.uk/news/view/official-guide-to-social-distancing-on-construction-sites