3D Personnel delighted to support Osborne Easter Events in Westminster

3d Osborne Easter Event Eggcelent Artist

3D Personnel were delighted to support the 2023 Geoffrey Osborne Ltd Easter events in Westminster. The events took place over three days during the school holidays, on Westminster City Council’s housing renewal project sites at Queens Park Court, Adpar Street and Torridon House.

As part of the Easter events, Osborne’s invited children from the local areas into the site offices, where each child was given a chocolate Easter Egg and materials to create their own personalised Easter cards, during an Easter themed arts and crafts session.

Sunny Adefarakan with a delivery of eggs
Image: Sunny Adefarakan with a delivery of eggs

Sunny and the Easter Bunny

Sunny Adefarakan, Resident Liaison Officer at Osborne, took on a dual role as the Easter Bunny and was on hand to entertain and help the children during the event. Snacks and refreshments were also provided for the children. It was great to see the smiles all round.

Following on from the Adpar Street event, Sunny also hand delivered Easter Eggs to all the residents of Devonshire House, a sheltered housing block. The residents were pleasantly surprised to receive their chocolate Easter Eggs.

The Easter Bunny hand delivers an Easter Egg
Image: The Easter Bunny hand delivers an Easter Egg

Reaction to the Osborne events

3D Personnel helped with the supply of Easter Eggs and Oran Blaney from our London office was full of praise for the event.

Great idea by the Geoffrey Osborne teams down at the three sites to give back to their local community. It’s wonderful to see the happy faces and 3D were delighted to be able to help.


Children enjoy an arts and crafts session

Sunny and young friend

arts and crafts materials

a happy young artist

a colourful easter card

another lovely easter creation

the easter bunny and friends

some refreshments for the children

the proud easter card artist