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Sustainable Procurement Policy


3D Personnel Limited is committed to addressing sustainable procurement by adopting the key elements of sustainability, namely, environmental quality, social justice, and economic prosperity.

We recognise that the products and services we procure have both environmental and social impacts and are committed to addressing these through our procurement procedures. Our policy for sustainable procurement will be to acquire products and services that meet the Customer's needs, deliver long term value for money, maximise social and economic benefits, and minimise damage to the environment and health.

In order to ensure effective implementation of our policy and giving due consideration to market and economic availability, our aims and objectives are to:

  • Procure from ethical and legal sources.

  • Include sustainability criteria when appointing the services of Sub-contractors.

  • Influence Clients and Designers when specifying materials to encourage the specification of materials with a recycled content, or materials that can be easily recycled at the end of their useful life.

  • Stimulate and support innovation that provides more sustainable solutions.

  • Encourage the reuse of materials as a first priority in preference to the purchase of new materials.

  • Require that all members of the supply chain comply with relevant legal requirements according to industry guidelines and standards and be able to demonstrate compliance.

  • Request details from sub-contractors regarding environmental policies, management systems, environmental breaches, and assess this information as part of our Company approval process.

  • Use local suppliers and sub-contractors where possible to minimise the environmental impact associated with transportation and to support the local economy.

  • Purchase timber that has been certified as originating from a responsibly managed forest, and verified as such (e.g., FSC certified).

  • Aim to avoid the use of materials and substances with hazardous properties, and processes that could cause damage to the environment and health.

  • Collaborate on sustainable procurement opportunities throughout the supply chain and through membership of trade associations, sharing best practice.

  • Promote awareness of this policy amongst employees and supply chain.

The Company recognises the important role it has to play for the achievement of a more sustainable future and will implement this procurement policy as an element within our overall sustainability strategy.

The Board of 3D Personnel Limited is fully committed to ensuring that 3D Personnel Limited complies both with the letter and spirit of the principles in the Sustainable Procurement Policy. For that reason, Mr Damian Doherty has been appointed by 3D Personnel Limited with the responsibility and authority to oversee and drive our Sustainable Procurement Policy.

For and on behalf of 3D Personnel Limited

Damian Doherty


Please also read our ISO 14001 article or view the document below for further information.