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Health and Safety Policy


The objective of the 3D Personnel Limited - Health and Safety Policy is to prevent, insofar as it is reasonably practicable to do so, during the course of the work or duties being undertaken, any accidental occurrence resulting in:

  • Injury to any person

  • Damage to or loss of any plant, equipment, property, materials or products

  • Delays in any processes or operation

  • Events that may otherwise be detrimental to efficiency and/or prestige

  • Adverse impact upon the environment

The Policy is applicable to all 3D Personnel Limited employees and all persons whose presence is necessary at 3D Personnel Limited premises, construction sites or workplaces. This includes the employees of sub-contractors, self-employed persons and Consulting Design Practices.

The application and promotion of the Policy is the responsibility of Senior Management of 3D Personnel Limited. Whilst duties and tasks may be delegated, the overall responsibility remains that of Senior Management to ensure that the Company complies with all relevant statutory health and safety legislation, common law and Approved Codes of Practice.

Individuals can make important contributions to the development and implementation of policies and arrangements. 3D Personnel Limited will give all opportunities for participation in this process and actively encourages involvement of employees either directly or through their representatives.

To ensure that this Policy can be successfully implemented, 3D Personnel Limited Senior Management will provide such funds as is reasonably necessary.

Suitable and adequate measures shall be taken to safeguard any person, plant, equipment, property, material or product likely to be exposed to any known, or suspected hazards associated with, or arising out of the processes, tasks or operations being undertaken. 3D Personnel Limited will take into account at tendering stage, those factors which assist in eliminating injury, damage and waste.

Adequate provision shall be made for the Welfare needs of employees whilst carrying out their tasks and duties and any hazard to health associated with the work shall be the subject of strict precautionary measures. This is further detailed within Section 5.0 (Construction Arrangements) of the Health and Safety Policy.

This Policy shall be reviewed and kept up to date by Mr Damian Doherty, the Director Responsible for Health and Safety, to take into account changes in legislation, reflect changes in the nature and range of activities carried out by 3D Personnel Limited and take advantage of operational experience, negative and positive, as often as may be necessary.

For and on behalf of 3D Personnel Limited

Damian Doherty

Director with responsibility for Health and Safety