UK government takes next step in 7 year study of more efficient home construction practices

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The UK government, through Homes England, will take the next step in its 7 year study of more efficient home construction practices.  During the first year the development partners, Atkins and Faithful+Gould, in conjunction with the Building Research Establishment and University College London, defined the research themes, methodology, data and data collection techniques. 

After having engaged with the industry, the project will more towards the methodology application phase via onsite analyses of the construction of 1,800 homes across the country.  The project, known as the Modern Methods of Construction Research Commission, will focus on energy efficiency performance, construction wastage, safety performance, snagging and defect issues, logistics as well as the cost and pace of build.  

It is hoped that the results of the study will unearth techniques applicable to the industry as a whole, with a special focus on emerging construction technologies, such as offsite and modular building techniques. 

We look forward to the findings which will be shared annually.

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