Extended lockdown is damaging Ireland’s international reputation and may affect foreign direct investment - Top Construction Companies

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Ireland’s top construction companies, including JJ Rhatigan, Designer Group, John Paul Construction, Sisk, BAM, in conjunction with the Construction Industry Federation, have sent a letter to an Taoiseach Micheál Martin, making him aware of the long term detrimental effects of the extended lockdown of the construction industry.  Ireland is the only country which has shut down the construction industry, which seems even more radical in light of the fact that we have a housing shortage.  Foreign companies who set up in Ireland are obliged to ensure that their potential employees will have their basic needs satisfied by Ireland’s suppliers, including housing.  Also, Foreign companies need factories and office space.  Thus, the fear that today’s decisions will have long-term consequences.

The letter also questions the validity of the reasoning for shutting down the industry as its safety record is impressive.  The letter states that since September 2020, only eight people have been admitted to hospital due to being contaminated at work.  There have only been 42 positive cases since January 2021.  The reason why the numbers are relatively good is because of the safety measures that have been put in place. 

Other factors which should be considered, according to the communication, is the battle we are losing against the housing crises, the €3bn that will be lost to the Exchequer and negative impacts on the National Development Plan.

As always, we will respect any decision made by the government, however, we support the content of the letter and would ask the Decision Makers to seriously consider the facts presented.

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