Contract for £80m bridge linking Scotland’s Renfrew and Clydebank won by Northern Ireland’s Graham

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In a recent post we announced that 700 construction jobs would be created in Scotland’s Renfrewshire by means of a project which seeks to transform the Clyde waterfront:


The total spend for the project will be £1.13bn, and £80m will be invested in a bridge which will link Renfrew and Clydebank.  We are pleased to communicate that Northern Ireland’s Graham has won the contract for said bridge, who have both the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin and Carpenters Land Bridge in Stratford amongst their portfolio.  It will be a twin-leaf swing bridge which will accommodate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

With planning permission having been approved, the contract is set to be signed towards the end of March with a view to the three year project beginning by the end of April.

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