2,000 Construction jobs on 535 acre London Theme Park?

3 D Personnel

Planning has been submitted for a 535 acre theme park on the Swanscombe Peninsula in North Kent, London, which would lead to 2,000 Construction jobs and a further 17,000 during the operation phase.  If planning permission was granted for the so-called “London Resort”, it is hoped that the two year construction project would begin in 2022.  The plans are to build two theme parks, a water park, hotels, shopping centres and entertainment venues.

There are worries that the current hotel and rental accommodation in the area might not be able to provide for the 2,000 construction workers and the idea of housing them on a cruise ship has been proposed.  However, the union Unite has raised concerns and suggests that discussions take place.

We hope a solution can be found and look forward to full planning permission being granted.

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