Only 42 cases of Covid-19 in the Irish construction industry at 40% capacity

3 D Personnel

Both the Construction Industry Federation, (CIF), and the Irish Home Builders Association have been in contact with government officials to draw their attention to the fact that there have been only 42 cases of Covid-19 in the construction industry, despite being at 40% capacity since the beginning of the year.  The organisations compare the construction industry to the food sector which has had 746 cases in 33 different outbreaks in the same time period and that the numbers have been so favourable thanks to rigorous Covid-19 Standard Operating Procedures which have been in operation since last year.

There are fears that the restrictions will lead to a shortfall of 800 homes per week and increased unemployment in the sector.  We thank all construction workers for the huge effort that they have made since the outbreak of the coronavirus and hope that we get back to work in the not too distant future.

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