London construction workers urged to ‘Get on yer Bike!’

3 D Personnel

In an effort to reduce overcrowding on the tube, Transport for London, (TfL), is appealing to construction workers to cycle to work.  The travel body had committed to “help keep the construction sector moving and working safely and sustainably.”  However, bottlenecks at certain stations during rush hours, which, during the coronavirus pandemic is not safe, has led to new advice.

TfL is now requesting that construction employers help their employees to cycle to work by providing lockers, showers and adequate bicycle storage.  They are also asking that construction firms stagger shifts, (and/or changing operating hours), so as to reduce tube passengers numbers during rush hour.  Combining both these strategies, the idea is that workers who can cycle to work are allocated peak hour shifts.

We recognise that a joint effort is required to battle coronavirus, so we support TfL’s request, in principal.  We encourage workers to cycle to work, (you won’t have to go to gym in the evening when you get home!!!).  However, we also suggest that we are reasonable.  Sometimes it’s not possible for construction workers to cycle to work as they have to bring their tools.  Also, it’s not fair to ask them to cycle excessive distances.  

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