Another sustainable modular construction company enters the UK market which can be a driving force for increased quality and innovation

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Some of our predictions in our previous posts have been confirmed as the UK takes a further step towards modular building:

The sustainable modular construction company, Jan Snel, has opened offices in South Wales with a view to building a factory in the UK.  Jan Snel is a Dutch company, but is held by Daiwa House, a Japanese company, which provides modular construction solutions in Asia, Australia and North America. 

Jan Snel UK will target both the residential, healthcare, education and commercial markets, and is currently working in conjunction with developer Abode Waterstone and Coastal Housing Group on a project which will provide affordable homes on an old oil refinery site, now known as the Coed Darcy urban village in South Wales.

The company has already initiated communication with the Welsh Government with respect to the opening of the factory.  The arrival will see the provision of top-quality, more sustainable homes via shorter supply chains.  We look forward to further innovation in the industry.

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