250 Construction jobs in £40 million train manufacturing site in Goole, Yorkshire

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250 building jobs will be created during the construction of a £40 million train manufacturing site in Goole, Yorkshire.  Once completed, the factory will have 700 direct employees.  An additional 1,700 jobs will be created via indirect supply chain providers.

Siemens Mobility has awarded the construction of the £40m plant to GMI Construction Group PLC, a company located in Yorkshire.  GMI will also construct the 4.5km of train tracks required for providing a link to the main railway line.  The total project spend will be £200m.

Siemens Mobility, as part of the UK government's levelling up agenda, gave to nod to GMI, not only for its quality workmanship, but also for it’s ongoing commitment to local suppliers, and it’s focus on employment skills and education.  GMI is proud of the fact that workers involved in the project live within a 25-mile radius of the plant.

Work is expected to begin this year and to finish in 2023.

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