1,000 Construction jobs for Co. Louth, Ireland?

3 D Personnel

Parkwind, a Belgian offshore wind energy specialist, and the ESB have proposed the development and construction of a 25 turbine wind farm off the Co. Louth Coast which would lead to 1,000 Construction jobs and an additional 50 to 100 jobs during the operational phase.  The proposal was put to the public via an online open public forum on Thursday of last week.  If approved, the project, known as Oriel Windfarm, would power approximately 300,000 homes with renewable energy.

During the webinar, Mr Garrett Connell, the Project Manager, explained that the site, which would be located to the east of Dundalk Bay, was carefully chosen based on a number of technical criteria including tidal currents, suitable seabed conditions, wave heights and water depth.  Environmental factors, principally the fact that there is an Environmental Protection area, close to the Cooley coast and Dunany Point are key elements of the plan.  How the project would be built in harmony with marine Life, the local ecology system and other “marine users” was also explained.  For example, key fishing grounds would be avoided.  Key shipping routes were also contemplated.

It is hoped that the project would go-live by 2025.

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