Reduction on window size planned for London

3 D Personnel

Under new proposals aimed at addressing house overheating issues, the windows in houses in the London area will be up to 60% smaller than in other parts of the UK.  Overheating is particularly acute in the London area, thus the stringent restrictions for the city.  Overheating is part of a viscous circle related to global warming.  The excess heat caused by rising temperatures means an increased use of power, (air conditioning, etc.), which, in turn has a negative effect on Global Warming.  As Global Warming worsens, house temperatures creep up even further...

The government consultation will finish in April and the regulations would be implemented in 2021 and would apply to all new homes and residential institutions.  The restriction on the size of the windows would be linked to floor space, (13% with windows on opposite facades).  Heat reducing measures such as overhangs, external shutters and high-tech solar control glass would be compulsory.

On a positive note, the proposals estimate that the measures will reduce the cost of building homes as solid walls are less expensive than windows, with overall savings estimated to be £5,147 on average.

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