Positive outlook for the construction industry in 2021

3 D Personnel

Despite the setback of having to shutdown because of the Coronavirus, and the uncertainty caused by Brexit, an industry report by Aecom, a consultancy, expects the construction industry to grow by 15% in 2021.  The report is based on the presumption that the industry will be able to get back to business as usual with the vaccine rollout.  With regard to Brexit, Aecom note that there has been no immediate effect on the supply chain, as of yet, and doesn't foresee major impacts.  It expects overall costs to increase slightly at 2 per cent.

In order to keep the industry on track, it is important that planned rail infrastructure projects go ahead so as to boost the sector in the short term, and also to have a positive impact on housing developments outside of the big cities.   

We look forward to getting back on track in February.

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