Construction material supply issues to put upward pressure on UK prices

3 D Personnel

The UK construction industry is facing material supply issues which would ultimately put upward pressure on prices and delay delivery of projects.  The issue is mainly related to effects of the coronavirus.  75% of building materials are produced in the UK.  Despite working overtime, many factories are struggling to catch up on the production time lost during the lockdowns in 2020.  An example is roof tiles, whose normal lead-time has increased from 3 months to 8 months. 

The supply of the other 25% of materials which is imported is also being delayed as ports struggle to cope with coronavirus restrictions.  This has led to a surge in demand for empty containers, which has pushed prices up from $2,100 to $15,750.  Plumbing materials and bathroom suites which are produced in Asia have suffered the effects.  There are shortages of power tools, screws and fixings.  Timber prices are up by 20%.

The Builders Merchants Federation acknowledges that it hasn’t had a major impact on construction projects just yet, but stresses that it could come into play in the next few months: “…you can’t build houses without roof tiles…”

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