Irish Construction Industry in Shock!

3 D Personnel

Mr Tom Parlon, Director General of the Construction Industry Federation, has expressed his shock regarding the recent reports that the construction industry would be shut down.  He points to the “exemplary record” and the “redoubling” efforts that have been made by the industry to contain the virus.  A policy of testing, screening and constant communication has been in place since the industry reopened after the first lockdown.  He draws attention to the 0.003% to 0.035% rate of infection per industry employee, which is less than population infection rates. 

He also points to the obvious fact that the recent Coronavirus spike took place when the industry was closed during the Christmas break!  He finds it puzzling that no other country, except Italy in the first lockdown and some US States, has shut down their construction industries during lockdowns.

We look forward to a positive decision.

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