€9,000 Grant for enterprises doing business with the UK

3 D Personnel

Still not sure about the implications of Brexit on your Ireland/UK business?  Since the 1st of January, all companies exporting or importing goods to/from the UK must make a custom declaration.  This in not limited to companies providing freight, haulage, and logistics services.  If you are “directly engaged in business activities with or through the UK”, then it may concern you. 

Enterprise Ireland is providing grants of up to €9,000 as part of their “Ready for Customs” programme.  One employee working fulltime in customs work would mean that you quality for the full €9,000; whereas, if someone is working parttime, you could avail of €4,500.  The grant can be used towards, recruitment costs, employee costs and provision of IT infrastructure.

See the Enterprise Ireland website:


Or, phone them directly on:  01-727 2727 – (Enterprise Ireland Brexit Unit)

Or, send them an email at: readyforcustoms@enterprise-ireland.com

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