Construction Turnover up from €8.3bn in 2018 to over €10bn in 2019

3D Specialist Contracting

The combined turnover of the top 50 Contractors of the Construction Industry Federation grew from €8.3bn in 2018 to over €10bn in 2019.  This includes an increase in Ireland of €800m, rising from €5.9bn in 2018 to €6.7bn in 2019.  Exports of “construction expertise” amounted to approx. €3.3bn, while construction exports performed 9% higher at €2.24 billion in 2019.  Important markets include the Middle East, the UK, the Nordic region as well as other parts of Europe and the USA.  Having a strong foothold in such markets is promising  as the world construction sector is expected to increase by 85% by 2030.


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