A thirteen-storey timber building for Dublin’s Silicon Docks!

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Ireland is set to lead the world’s drive towards sustainability with the construction of the second tallest timber building in Europe.  The 50-meter, 13 story building, will only be second to Norway’s 85 meter, 18-storey Mjøstårnet timber building.  Unlike steel and concrete buildings, which is a particularly high emitter of carbon dioxide, timber buildings are considered as being close to carbon neutral.  Trees can be replanted and so are not an infinite resource.  However, the real benefit of trees is that they continuously extract carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout their lifetime. 

The building in question, Dock Mill, will see its current floor plates and façade maintained and restored.  Cross-laminated timber columns will be inserted in the four corners of the existing floor plate right down to the ground floor, thus will sit on underpinned concrete perimeter walls.

The existing mill will be used to build apartments, while the timber extension will house office space as well as a winter garden on the double-height top floor.  The building will add further prestige to the Grand Canal Dock area which is home to some of the worlds’ top technological companies such as Google and Facebook.  Trinity College is also evaluating the feasibility of building a €1bn innovation centre in the area.

It is hoped that the one-year project will begin in late 2021.  We look forward to the new skyline.

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