Galway City Council exceeds target for social housing delivery

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Galway City Council exceeded its target for the delivery of social housing units in 2019, according to the latest report from the local authority’s Chief Executive.

Brendan McGrath, in a report presented to city councillors, said that 744 social housing units had been delivered last year, exceeding by 46 the original target figure of 698.

His report outlined that the HAP (Housing Assistance Payment) and RAS (Rental Accommodation Scheme) had accounted for most of the social units provided

A total of 546 housing units were delivered under the HAP scheme and 24 under RAS – 39 above the original target figure.

In terms of building houses, the City Council provided 117 units – four short of the target – but acquisitions came in way above the 29-figure set out at the start of the year with 55 units provided.

At the start of 2019, the City Council’s Housing Department had set a target of 41 leasings through the course of the year but only ended up with two.

Mr McGrath said that the provision of 744 units represented a delivery rate of 106% and while a number of housing streams underperformed – in particular leasing – the overall delivery had been positive and above target.

“The below-target number [in the various build streams] can be accounted for by a lower number of units delivered in the Monivea Road turnkey scheme of 22, compared with an anticipated 32 at the start of 2019,” said MrMcGrath.

He added that while the number of units achieved for long-term leasing was below the target, the number of units delivered in the CALF scheme was particularly strong.

CALF is the Capital Advance Leasing Facility to assist Approved Housing Bodies to access private or Housing Finance Agency loan finance for the purchase or construction of social housing units at a fixed 2% interest rate.


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