Accessibility upgrades funded at over 100 UK train stations

Wheelchair Ramp Min

The Department for Transport has announced the provision of £20M for the construction of improved accessibility at 124 train stations across the UK after it recently became apparent that not enough is currently being done to help disabled train passengers.

Going into more detail, this accessibility upgrade has been commissioned under the Access for All Programme and will entail the provision of new lifts, accessible toilets, and also customer information screens.

Furthermore, this scheme likewise comprises part of the £300M package which was announced in 2019 by the Department of Transport to provide 74 stair-free entry routes for disabled rail passengers at railway stations across the country, with the new funding having been launched in tandem with the Inclusive Transport Leaders Scheme to promote best practices in the transport industry.

The Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps stated: “The ability to travel easily from A to B is an essential factor for our day to day lives – but is not the reality for everyone.

“I recognise that we have much more to do, which is why we are making 124 train stations across the country more accessible, a key part of levelling-up access for disabled people to transport and opening up opportunities for all.

“This is just the start of a much more ambitious agenda. My goal is to go much further in the years ahead to help ensure that our country’s transport system becomes one of the most accessible in the world.”

The Minister for Disabled People, Justin Tomlinson added: “Everyone using our rail network deserves platforms and toilets they can use and this £20M investment to improve 124 railway stations across the country will make a huge difference to disabled people.

“This government is committed to levelling up the playing field and later this year we will launch a national strategy which will ensure disabled people have equal access to all spheres of life.”

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