Appeals board grants planning for 354 Greystones homes

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Bord Pleanála has overruled the objections of Wicklow County Council to grant planning permission to builders Cairn Homes to construct 354 homes at Greystones.

The appeals board has given the green light for the proposal at the 9.5-hectare site at “Glenheron C” in spite of opposition by Wicklow County Council and local residents to the plan.

The proposal is made up of two five-six-storey apartment blocks that comprise 170 apartments, along with 124 two-storey homes and 60 duplex apartments.

The mixed-use plan also includes plans for an employment element that includes a two-storey community enterprise building.

The board ruled that the proposal would not seriously injure the residential or visual amenities of the area, and “would constitute an acceptable residential density in this suburban location”.

The appeals board also found that the proposal would be acceptable in terms of urban design, height and quantum of development.

Residential density

The county council told the appeals board that it was opposed to the plan on a number of grounds. It raised concerns over the residential density of the development, and argued that the proposal would be contrary to the zoning objectives for the site as set out in the local area plan.

Seabourne View residents objected to the proposed pedestrian and vehicular access routes.

As part of part V social housing requirements, Cairn has agreed to sell 35 units to the council to meet its social housing obligations.

The granting of permission follows Cairn securing the green light for 426 residential units at another Greystones site last month.


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