Roman artefacts discovered at a construction site in Kent


Roman artefacts have been uncovered at a Balfour Beatty construction site in Ebbsfleet, Kent.

The trove, including tweezers, a metal ear cleaner, pottery fragments and a piece of ancient timber, were discovered at the Springhead Bridge site, which Balfour Beatty is building for the Ebbsfleet Development Corporation (EDC).

The bridge will span the River Ebbsfleet and provide a direct link between Springhead Park and the Ebbsfleet International HS1 station.

The objects have been removed by archaeologists for further examination. It is thought that the timber may have been dropped from a barge while en route for use in construction.

The bridge, which is set to open to the public in spring 2020, is being built near the former Roman settlement of Vagniacae, where hordes of ancient coins have previously been discovered.

Archaeologists are employed full-time by EDC in the area because of a history of finds, including the 400,000-year-old remains of an elephant that were unearthed in 2004.

EDC project director Julia Gregory said: “Ebbsfleet Garden City and the surrounding area has a fascinating history, and while the work goes on to document the items found, it would be lovely to find them a permanent home here in the Garden City at some point in the future.”


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