World Largest Manitou Teleporter


The MHT 14350S boasts a maximum lift capacity of 40 tons and is powered by a 7.2-liter Mercedes-Benz engine. It’s designed for the heavy-industrial market as well as the handling of conveyor belt reels, tire assemblies, wheel motors and more uses in the mining sector.

The machine also boasts all-terrain capabilities and a full range of attachments have been created for it.

With a nominal lift capacity of 35 tons on its 14 m duplex turret, the Manitou MHT-X 14350 will deliver an unprecedented level of mobile handling capacity to surface mining, heavy and general logistics industries," said Jean-Philippe Herel, product line manager.

Designed with an emphasis on size for increased productivity in increasingly heavy load handling requirements, the MHT-X 14350 is described as a robust rough terrain, all-purpose vehicle with a focus on handling capabilities, safety and operator comfort.

The model features a 7.2 litre, 240 kW Mercedes-Benz engine delivering 1,300 Nm to cater for the mining and heavy industrial sectors with their large conveyor belt reels, tyre assemblies, wheel motors and granite blocks.

A full range of dedicated attachments, such as cages, winches, jibs, forks, clamps and buckets, among others, have also been developed for the machine.


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