Traffic Controllers Earning as Much as $180,000 a year in Australia


Trafiic Controllers Australia 

Australia are struggling to fill Vacancies within their thriving construction industry and are beginning to offer incentives to workers to start taking on more jobs. Many Woman and Students are beginning to take on jobs as Traffic Marshals where they can Earn up 40 Australian Dollars P/H.

Workers on large projects such as, The Metro Tunnel and West Gate Tunnel ­sites in Melbourne are on at least $105,000 a year amid ballooning project costs.

Others in Sydney said they earned $130,000 a year and some patrolling the lonely outback highways of the Northern Territory almost as much. Many of the workers believe that the work is not as bad as people make it out to be especially when you’re getting a six figure salary

Sydney's building boom appears to be the reason behind the huge demand for traffic controllers with many backpackers who are often available to work immediately cashing in on the opportunity. Australia has been renowned for having policies to encourage people to join the industry and also make it easily accessible to backpackers and tourists who are looking to make some extra “Fast Cash”

“It is absolutely ridiculous how much work is out there for traffic controllers,” Sydney Traffic Control director Darren Lindsay.




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