Is There a Lack of Young Skilled Workers in Ireland?


Is there a lack of young skilled workers in Ireland?

Certain companies say that the lack of skilled young workers is occurring due to problems within the education system. They say a lack of teaching trades in schools has caused kids to only pursue a college degree. They teach the basics of woodwork and metalwork in a lot of secondary school although, it is all too common that students are encouraged not to pursue these subjects at exam level as it can be easier to get “higher points/scores” in other subjects[1]

USA are having a massive problem with a lack of skilled young workers in major Cities. This is largely due to the high cost of living in large cities. This is encouraging young people to either

  • Leave the city in search of a cheaper place to live
  • Go to University in order to get a degree and ultimately afford the higher standard of living
  • Move abroad

Many young workers perhaps do not realise that they have just as much of a chance of reaching a very good wage in the construction industry

These exact same points could be made for the Irish Construction Industry. Arguments such as the changing on culture and norms within the younger generation have been made to justify the lack of young tradesmen. Although in my opinion here is a large part of the population that believe the education system should be more hands on.

“A lack of young, skilled workers moving into the industry has not only created problems for the time being, but could quickly accelerate down the road when many current workers begin to retire”[2]


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