Ford Electric Truck Capable of Pulling 500 Tonne



Electric Vehicles Are The Future of Construction Sites 

Eager to remind everyone that it is serious about electrification, Ford recently orchestrated quite the PR stunt with a prototype F-150 the company says is 100 percent battery-powered.

Though the truck in the video below looks like a current-generation F-150, the truck sits atop a fully-electrified platform that is still in the prototype stage. For the video, Ford hooks this electric F-150 up to 10 double-decker rail cars, weighing 1 million pounds and pulls the entire load for 1,000 feet.

Ford then loaded up 42 more F-150 trucks into those rail cars and performed the stunt with the electrified pick up again—this time with a load well in excess of 1 million pounds.

Of course, how this relates to how well these trucks will perform any real world work is anybody’s guess. It’s a fun display of torque, which an electric drivetrain will provide in spades, but because Ford’s stunt is really just a new spin on an old trick, we know that pulling a lot of weight is not a great indicator for true capability. 

In January, Ford confirmed after years of speculation that the F-150 would indeed be offered in hybrid- and fully-electric models in the future. As we noted at the time, there are several advantages in using an all-electric powertrain: vast reduction in maintenance, much more powerful torque, fuel savings, zero emissions, lower centre of gravity and increased traction thanks to chassis-mounted battery packs, quieter performance in noise-sensitive areas and, according to at least one EV pickup builder, improved braking




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