Concrete Waits For No Man


Logistics of a Concrete Pour

“Concrete waits for no man” is often a slogan you see on mixers and other vehicles that are associated with concrete.

There is a lot of things that must be controlled or try to be controlled with organising a concrete pour such as,

  • Time of the pour
  • Concrete Finishers at the ready
  • Traffic Measures in order for certain sites
  • The  Correct concrete mix
  • Ensure everyone he needs to know about the pour is ready for action
  • Marking Paint


The8re is also a lot of factors of a concrete pour that can’t be controlled such as,

  • Humidity
  • Traffic
  • Wind


World’s 2nd Largest Concrete Pour

In a previous blog we talked about the world’s largest concrete pour, Click here to have a read about it but it is the details we have received about the world’s 2nd largest concrete pour we find most interesting. On March 26th London Concrete poured 5000 M3 in Central London that took an astonishing 680 trucks. This is part of the 25000 m3 they will be doing in total at the job.

 At the Time Daniel King MD said

Developing a city as hectic as London requires careful planning and strategy. Our continued importance in the regeneration of the Nine Elms and Battersea area is testament to our collaborative approach with all stakeholders, from contractors to local authorities. This was only possible due to our team working day and night, together with the experts at Careys Civil Engineering, to make things as easy as possible for our customers and we’re delighted with the outcome.”[1]


Photos must be taken of the pour at the beginning, during and end to ensure any problems that may or may occur can be solved with minimal issue[2]

A few other final keys to success include maintaining a clean and organized jobsite; this not only exemplifies your professionalism, but promotes safety. Also be clear with everyone from the beginning with any and all expectations, and hold people accountable if they do not meet those expectations.