Are These Pods the Solution to The Housing Crisis?


Tiny Homes are seen as a solution to expensive city living, their unique features and often lenient by-laws appeal to many of the newer generation as a future without having an expensive mortgage. These houses definitely have their perks when it comes to budget, most of them cost a fraction to build compared to what a normal house in Dublin or other major cities would cost. The small living space means you have to buy less items like furniture and general kitchen utilities.


These small house have their perks but unexpected problems have often occurred according to a few owners of these tiny houses in The USA.

Problems that often occur in these houses

  • Difficult Planning Laws
  • Wear and Tear as the area is being used so much more
  • Any broken toilet/sink/shower usually causes the whole house to shut down.
  • Connecting to water mains and sewerage can be a problem depending on the area

Kodasema sees the affordable and prefabricated design as a solution for "meanwhile planning" situations, which could be installed as temporary housing on disused sites across London. They suggest it could also be a low-cost summer house, a cafe, office, workshop, studio or classroom”

Whether or not these houses would work in wetter countries with more unpredictble weather remains to be seen.