Deal Agreed For New Wastewater Treatment Plants In Cork


This new project will provide new plants in Coachford, Innishannon, Ballyvourney/Ballymakeera and Dripsey. 

Along with the plants, the project will also deliver additional associated infrastructure required to connect the new plants into the existing wastewater infrastructure in these villages.

On completion, the new infrastructure will improve wastewater treatment quality and capacity in each area. Once operational, the new plants will ensure compliance with wastewater discharge regulations.

EPS Group will deliver the work on behalf of Irish Water. 

"These projects will enhance the environment of thriving rural villages in County Cork and provide a platform for social and economic development into the future," said Seamus Glynn, Regional Infrastructure Lead with Irish Water. "We look forward to working with the local communities to deliver these projects in conjunction with our partners Cork County Council and EPS Group Ltd. Wastewater treatment is mainly by septic tank in these villages at present and this technology is outdated and not meeting the required standards. We will be back in touch with local communities to give them plenty of notice before construction commences."

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