700 homes plan in for Chesterfield’s Staveley works site


A former Derbyshire steelworks is set to be transformed in a £100m development featuring 700 new homes, a school, marina and shops.

Plans for the redevelopment of the former Staveley iron and steel works were drafted by Chatsworth Settlement Trustees, part of the Chatsworth Estate, which has owned the land since the 17th Century.

The proposed development amounts to one of the biggest regeneration projects in the Chesterfield area and will link the communities of Brimington, Hollingwood, Staveley and Barrow Hill.

As well as new two, three and four-bed housing, redevelopment of the 100-acre brownfield site will include a primary school, a marina on the Chesterfield canal, retail and community facilities, a cycle and footpath network, and new wildlife habitats.

The first homes are expected to be available in around five years’ time while redevelopment is scheduled to last around ten years in total.

During the building and infrastructure work, the development is expected to create around 200 construction jobs.

Andrew Byrne, Chatsworth Settlement Trustees Property Development Director, said: “Since closing as an industrial site, Chatsworth has been keen to put something back into the community by redeveloping Staveley Works in an attractive and creative way that provides modern housing, community facilities and jobs for people in the area.”

This article was first seen on https://www.constructionenquirer.com/2019/03/05/700-homes-plan-in-for-chesterfields-staveley-works-site/