Salesforce to add 1,500 jobs and a new 'urban campus' to Dublin's city centre


Salesforce, the business software company, is to add 1,500 jobs and a new ‘urban campus’ to Dublin’s city centre.

The company already employs over 1,000 people in the city.

The company plans to call its new development ‘Salesforce Tower’, although it will not be the same scale of high rise development as Salesforce Tower buildings in SAN Francisco and London.

The move follows announcements from Google, Facebook, Amazon and WeWork which will see a handful of tech giants dominate Dublin’s city workforce.

Salesforce’s plans, first revealed by the Irish Independent last summer, will be confirmed by the company and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar this morning.

The announcement indicates that tech companies are starting to spread to Dublin’s northside, having filled the south docklands.

The highly paid jobs are expected to put new pressure on rents around Dublin’s centre.

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