Contractors fuming over Hinkley security delays


Workers looking to start on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant are facing a wait of more than six weeks to get security clearance.

Contractors are fuming at the delays which they fear are putting off workers from joining the job.

One site source said: “I’ve worked on virtually every big nuclear site over the last few decades and it still took me eight weeks to get clearance.”

Security checks for site workers are carried out by G4S under an £80m contract awarded by client EDF Energy.

Another source said: “The contractors are up in arms about this because the checks are taking so long.

 “The whole process is a complete nightmare as they go through every tiny detail of your work history and background.

 “It’s tough as it is getting enough workers to the site but things like this put people off.

 “A lot of people hear about the delays and just go off to another job.”

G4S has been contacted for a comment.

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